At City Shelving, we are constantly being asked for both racking and shelving products. A lot of times we find that consumers who want shelving actually need racking, and people wanting racking need shelving. So what is the difference?

Let’s begin with City Shelving’s pallet racking for sale to a typical end user. The most common pallet racking in Adelaide is selective type racking. This is due to its ease of access to every pallet space and its storage flexibility.

It can be designed to handle virtually any pallet size and weight with the benefit of being easily adjusted to suit varying stock patterns. Design consideration would include the type of forklift truck that you intend to use as this dictates pallet racking height and aisle widths. We have ample stock of new and used pallet racking for sale that would cater for many different client requirements.

So there you have it. Pallet racking is a storage system for pallets typically weighing 1000 kg or more that are accessed by a forklift truck. Now let’s define shelving systems.

These systems have been around for over a hundred years with Brownbuilt Ltd being one of the first manufacturers. A lot of people would be familiar with Brownbuilt rolled upright type shelving as it was the only shelving system available for many years. You would see this shelving system in spare parts outlets, offices, and medical centres to name a few and is ideal for storing parts and files. The maximum width of this shelving due to its design was 1200mm. As with most systems, the longer span meant a reduction in load support.

So you could say that these systems offer storage of up to 150 kg per level and are accessed by hand or non-mechanical methods. In summary, the main difference between shelving and pallet racking is the amount of weight that you can store on each level and whether you are loading product manually of with a forklift truck.

Due to the load restriction and limited shelf width of rolled upright shelving, an alternative system called long span shelving has hit the market place in recent years. The main benefit of long span shelving as the name suggests is that it offers a wide uninterrupted storage level with increased load carrying capacity.

We are is the supplier for long span shelving in Adelaide with our own leading brand called Mini Span. Mini Span is available in heights up to 3000mm but the most commonly sought after height is 2200mm. Widths range from 900mm up to 1800mm and depths on offer are 400, 450 and 600mm.

Recently, City Shelving has supplied this type of long span shelving in Sydney for various outlets of ASICS for storage of their sporting shoes. Mini Span’s flexibility in beam width and 3000mm height proved to be the ideal solution for their storage needs.

Over the past years consumers searching for long span shelving in Melbourne have contacted City Shelving for supply. As there is a higher volume of freight coming into Adelaide than there is leaving we are in the fortunate situation where transport companies are looking for freight back out of Adelaide. With delivery times of one to two days from Adelaide to Melbourne and cheap freight rates it is not hard to understand why. Contact us – you may be surprised.

City Shelving has been supplying shelving and racking in Adelaide for over 20 years now, and you can rest assured that we know what we are on about. If you are uncertain which of the two you may need, just give us a call on 1800 83 84 85 or email us at Free advice from friendly experienced team member, so what are you waiting for?