Measuring FAQs

A definitive guide to measuring shelving and racking.

Now before we even get started on this I would like to clear up the biggest stumbling block between the shelving and racking consumer and the retailer. What size is it?

In the shelving and racking world we communicate sizes like this:

HEIGHT:  How high or tall is the shelving or racking unit that you want?

WIDTH:  How wide is the bay of racking or shelving?

DEPTH:  How deep is the shelving or racking bay?

Height usually doesn’t seem to be a problem but width and depths can create so much confusion you would not believe it if I told you. We are hoping that the images above makes this all very clear

Width and depth are more often than not replaced by length. “I want some shelves this long” is a common enquiry that we would receive from a customer.

You get pipe, timber, sheeting etc in lengths…


shelving and racking is always


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