Mesh Decking

Wire mesh decking or panels are the superior alternative to particle board decking by allowing light to penetrate and also being fire resistant

Product Applications

MantaMESH Wire Mesh decks are the solution to storing non palletized goods on pallet racking beams. Available in widths of 1250 and 1350 to suit standard 2591/2600 and 2743/2750 wide racking beams and in depths from 840 through to 1220. Bearing loads from 200kg to 1000kg each these wire mesh decks are easily installed as they just slip over the racking beams, normally 2 per beam level and can be customized to suit non standard beam widths. Virtually maintenance free they have many advantages over using particle decks including being non flammable and meeting all fire and safety codes, allowing fire sprinkler systems to penetrate and do their job and also allowing more light through to the ground level of your warehouse.

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