Manta Rayls

Manta Rayls provide reinforcement to particle board decks and can increase loading capacity whilst holding the deck captive on racking beam levels

Product Applications

These Rayls are utilised when increased loadings are required on particle board decking used with pallet racking and other types of shelving systems. There are two types of Rayl available, one featuring a lip/retainer on the ends which retains the particle board deck in place whilst offering load bearing support. These Rayl with lip/retainers are ideal if deck levels are going to be adjusted occasionally allowing this operation to be accomplished without removing fixings. Rayls without a lip are used where your particle board deck is going to fixed into positon thereby negating the need for having a lip. Generally speaking two Rayls per deck would be a minimum but depending on the loads that your particle board decks are required to endure more can be used to increase deck loading.

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